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July 06, 2015


Thank you,nicely said !

"A mistake in notion, a bunch of people who had authority in themselves got together and picked the books, people whose authority was invested in the group. That is not the way it worked."

You begin your talk with this statement which discredits what historically actually took place. By what authority do you call this history a mistaken notion? Research into the "history of the Canon of Holy Scriptures" can be found on I know you vehemently disagree with the Catholic Church on this but there is history to contend with regardless of your opinion.

Jesus said that He had been given all power in heaven and on earth and with that authority he sent the apostles to go make disciples, baptize and teach. We see Paul receiving the grace of apostleship to bring about the obedience of faith and then passing on this authority to Timothy. Timothy handed on this authority as instructed and we see through history authority being handed on to church leaders. We see authority in all churches today in some fashion. So we mustn't deny authority given to church leaders.

The Church that Jesus said He would build and would be with always has actual people of faith who have walked their faith with God through more perilous times than ours. The history of the faithful men with authority given them by God is easily accessed through the writings of the Early Church Fathers.

"To study the Early Church writings is to cease to be protestant." Who said this?

God bless you every day as I pray for God to heal His Church into the unity that He prays for always.

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