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July 31, 2015


Some time ago I'd thought I'd heard a comment from Greg, something along the lines that he was against single people adopting children. It was made in passing and I think I may have been doing other things while listening to the podcast. So I never was sure if I'd heard him correctly, nor did I remember what the date was to find it and listen to it again.

I'd never really thought about this issue one way or another. I was not even sure if single people were even allowed to adopt. (Unless they are rich celebrities! Rules for just about anything don't seem to apply to them.)

Now, in this broadcast, he's said it straight out. It was painful to hear myself, as a single woman, put in the same category as a same-sex couple as though this is the same situation morally and biblically. A single person could one day find someone to marry. It's not impossible. Widowed people do. And being single, in itself is not a sin. A same-sex romantic/sexual relationship is a sin.

But because I have great respect for Greg and his knowledge of Scripture and biblical principles, I'm wondering if he's right and I am wrong.

I am too old to get married. But I'd toyed with the idea that perhaps when (if) I ever find a job again, I could look into adoption, especially of an older child that no one else seems to want.

The thought that such a pursuit would be actually a sin in God's eyes - wow.

I haven't heard the podcast yet, but in my view, I think the best interest of the kid ought to be kept in mind. In the case of new borns, since they never have any problem being adopted, we can afford to be picky about what kind of homes we put them in. The ideal situation is the home of an opposite sex married couple. In their case, I would oppose anything less than that, including single parent homes and same sex parent homes. Whether that offends anybody or not and whether it's unfair or not, I don't care. Why should we sacrifice the best for a kid on behalf of the feelings of an adult?

But in the case of orphans or kids in foster homes, it's not nearly as easy to find permanent homes for them. In their case, I would support adoption by single people and same sex couples because I think that is preferable to the foster system.

Sam Harper 2016
I appreciate your vote.

@ Sam Harper

You too are equating single people with same-sex couples. Wow.

Mo, you can listen to the show here (it's the first call).

The issue with same-sex couples parenting is the lack of a father or a mother and the harm that does to the child. So in the sense that it's harmful in this way, the situation is the same in both that case and the case of the single person. This is the case whether or not either same-sex relationships or singleness is sinful. This isn't a punishment on single people for sin, nor is it comparing singleness with same-sex relationships in terms of their inherent morality; it's a recognition of what is truly best for the children.

The purpose of adoption is to find parents for children, not to find children for parents (or parent). It's in the best interest of the child to have two parents, and that's what we should seek first, as Christians, even to the point of our loss, just as Christ sought our good to His loss. (I say this as a single person.)

Greg didn't talk about single-person adoption in terms of sin. I agree with Sam in that in the case of an older child who is having difficulty finding parents, one parent is preferable to no parent. According to what Greg said on the call, he would agree with this. The ideal isn't always available.

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