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August 24, 2015


John Piper, in 2009, concluded that God had sent a tornado to warn the ELCA not to accept homosexual pastors.

Piper is one of the more consistant Calvinists, being a total determinist. According to him, everything that happens is just what God has planned and made certain will happen, yet God is not responsible for anything having to do with evil.

Make sense to you?

Goat Head 5

Goat Head 5:

Hard-core Calvinism gives new meaning to Shakespeare's line, "All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players" doesn't it?

Obligatory Bill Maher sketch: the Accu-Wrath weather forcast

Folks can mouth the divine determinist lines but nobody actually lives that way. Everyone really lives as if they are making real choices that make a difference.

People quote Job all the time, "The Lord gives, the Lord takes away", as if Job wasn't mistaken when he said that.

Piper's staff and family need to cancel his twitter account.

I see all is going well here in the romper room.


Excellent response. True to form, I must say.

But it is nice to skip the normal responses:

We are totally free yet God plans and meticuloously controls every event, also known as 2+2=5.

God wants everyone to be saved except He wants to condemn people even more, also know as the Will Onion.

God offers salvation to everyone, except nobody has the ability to access it unless God picks them, only picking a very few, for no apparant reason, also known as Seriously?, some offer.

Nice that we can skip straight to the dismissive statement.

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