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August 01, 2015



"The liberty of human beings to create and make choices in a free market isn't a "power" behind anything."

This is not all that capitalism entails. There is a much more sinister side to capitalism. It crushes charity and abandons morality as demonstrated in the PP example. I think that you are under the impression that there is a dichotomy of socioeconomic systems without any other options. This is a false dichotomy. Totalitarianism is not the only option other than capitalism for a Christian. That is why the first century church opted for a third option, an economic system within an economic system to undermine the one offered by the Roman empire. Acts we can see glimpses of a charitocracy and it was not repressive, nor was socialism. Craig said it himself because his intuition was well informed...aspects of a charitocracy that resemble socialism work well in a family and we are indeed talking about the family of God when we speak of the Christian church. Christians have another alternative that they have for some odd reason surrendered.

"The power behind abortion is human sin and a disregard for human life."

You are right as far as you go on this. But in addition, it is the capitalist drive to make a profit that aids and abets and offers excuses to sear the conscience of those who have done this horrible thing in PP. Capitalism is a team player in this enterprise, not its adversary. I don't deny that what you say is true, but there is more to this story than meets the eye. There are dark spiritual forces working behind this and capitalism is the ready made tool these forces are using.

"And in this case, a huge power behind Planned Parenthood, is, in fact, the government with its massive amount of funding. " is all driven by a government seeking to encourage through its funding the incentive natural to capitalism. It is adding fuel to the fire, driving the PP organization in the direction of disregarding morality in favor of capitalistic gain. There are some kinds of liberties that only lead to further enslavement to sin and the liberty to make choices in a free market economy is just the tool to do exactly that...when that free market economy is within the context of a godless capitalism.

"Again, the power is sin and false worldviews."

Absolutely...and capitalism aids and abets in that false worldview, just like communism does. Marx was right about one thing...capitalism is just the first step toward full blown communism. This is the same animal it just depends on which end of it you are looking at.

SteveK, it's really late, so I'm just going to highly recommend the book Money, Greed, and God to you.

I'll ask Ron and Phillip one more time:

What should an SS sergeant do with the dead body of a Jew?

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