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August 20, 2015


God help us.

It's the stuff of nightmares. May God have mercy on us

Monstrous beyond words.

And people are STILL openly and proudly supporting it!

Mo, yep. Just went monthly with my support.

I recall reading about the human body-parts black market a couple of decades ago. These weren't fetuses; These were street children in South America. Police knew who they were and that they were homeless - no one would miss these kids. They would take these kids and slaughter then for their organs. The depths of human depravity go far deeper than killing babies. Without a moral foundation to maintain social expectations of justice and righteousness, the US will become even less moral than what is shown in this video.

Jim Pemberton,

I don't think your comment is on topic, but one thing you can do about organ trade is become an organ donor.

My driver license is marked: DONOR♥

It is so very sad that former Christian Democratic Countries in Government,Law and Education have now become secular humanist and sear kids consciences in schools by normalizing humanist values and sexology.We indicted 10 Nazi leaders for the crimes against humanity of compelling and encouraging abortions after The Second World War.Trials of War Criminals,Nuremberg Military Tribunal.Washington,DC:USGPO,Volume IV,page 610.I got interested in politics when my law and political science professor loaned me one of your books titled something like,"Both Feet Planted In Mid Air."

It is barbaric for sure, and as you say Amy, no less barbaric/evil than that of the NAZI 'doctors.' As shockingly evil as Planned Parenthood & other such organizations are, it shouldn't be surprising to those of us who are studied in the Word. "And because lawlessness/iniquity will be increased/abound, the love of many will grow cold." (Matthew 24:12)"But understand this, that in the last days there will come times of difficulty. For people will be lovers of self, lovers of money, proud, arrogant, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, heartless, unappeasable, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not loving good, treacherous, reckless, swollen with conceit, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God…men corrupted in mind…” (2 Timothy 3:1-8) "...having their conscience seared with a hot iron." (1 Tim. 4:2)
Thank you once again Amy for shining the light of truth on that which ought not so to be.

Here's an article with more information regarding the organ harvesting:

Biomedical Doctor Reveals Shocking ‘Suspicion’ Surrounding the Harvesting of Aborted Baby Organs

Seeing heaps of the dismembered heads,feet,hands,legs, and other parts of human babies bring all thoughts to the forefront of the inhuman,hellish brutality,and horror of the degeneracy of human nature which legalizes abortion etc,and then goes into schools to sear our children’s consciences by teaching them this is normal behavior, as health and sex education.Before 1962 when Christianity was the Constitutional Worldview in Government,Law,and Education of Western Civilization school teachers led their students in The Lord's Prayer.


Your history on this issue isn’t great. Most of your comments on this issue have been pretty dumb.

Take your response to Mo, for example. Posting the donation site for Planned Parenthood in the middle of passionate disagreement on abortion/infanticide is pretty dumb. However, it is on par with your history on this issue.

It takes a few seconds before hitting “Post” to make sure that what you’ve written isn’t dumb, but it’s worth it.

@ RonH

"Mo, yep. Just went monthly with my support."

Is the fact that you support (both morally and financially) the murder/dismemberment of infants and the sale of their body parts meant to shock me? Is that why you directed your comment specifically to me?

Is the fact that you boldly post your support for infanticide on a Christian website supposed to shock us?

If so, why? If not, then why bother?

Amy Hall,

What do you recommend that we do to "rip this evil out of the fabric of our society?" In a culture where this type of evil has become the norm, it seems like there isn't much for us to do that will be effective, especially considering this issue isn't getting the coverage it deserves in mainstream media. Any thoughts or resources would be much appreciated.

About the year 307 Emperor Constantine of Rome converted to Christianity,because of the values of Christians and the attributes of their triune God;before this Christians were murdered and abused for sport by government decree.Western leaders eventually converted to a Christianity of sorts from various types of Pagan Worldviews-Religions,and life started to become a little better for us.A Christian Country in Government,Law,and Education who said they trusted in their Triune God changed their mind in 1962,and sanctioned as Constitutional so-called "neutral" Secular Humanism as their"New" State sanctioned Worldview-Religion.The rest of the former Christian Western Civilization followed the USA's lead. So-called Christians bought the neutral lie of Secular Humanism hook, line and sinker,thus this new religion started to legalize pagan formerly criminal practices,and then using adult school teachers and special interest group activists to indoctrinate our children into these new religious values,as legalized secular humanist human rights,while marginalizing Christ and His worldview, which they formerly said they trusted. When the ones who call themselves Christians do not unite politically in The USA and our Western Countries to rid us of this new heinous so-called neutral secular humanist religion we will be doomed to remain marginalized,and persecuted.

Joshua, we need to start by showing people what it is and changing their minds. Please see You Can Change Our Culture's Mind on Abortion for resource ideas.

Things have been changing because minds have been changing. It's slow, but the tipping point will eventually happen.

@RonH: ANY modicum of respect for you went out the window with that reply to Mo. You have shown your true colors and revealed the empty shell you represent. RIGHTEOUS ANGER toward sin emboldens us to speak out against this atrocity in our culture and around the world, yet your ilk gleefully mocks that and winks with mirth while you do. Nauseating in the extreme...

@ Carolyn

You know, if RonH would ever demonstrate interest in having a productive discussion on any topic, it would be different.

But as far as I've ever seen, all he has is snark and nastiness and now this deliberate disrespect to the site and personally to me. (I don't even know why.)

It's pure evil, and it needs to stop. As far as I have seen, he's here only to troll. Nothing more.

Perhaps when a person can't distinguish between good and evil, he really has very little of substance to say about anything.

Presently, there seems to be a "bandwagon effect" in most of our political and social thinking, as if to assume a position, you must accept all tenets of that position as they develop and in light of future development. I saw this early this year when the female anchors of the Today Show were castigating some women for refusing to hold to the more misanthropic opinions of feminism by focusing only on the ideas that feminism opened up "new opportunities for women." In the complexities of the development of that movement, many feminist issues were primary (equal opportunity and pay in the job market, removal the obstacles in social advancement), secondary (support of LGBT agenda, advancement of gender neutrality), and just plain radical (natural superiority of women, eradication of all ideas of male/female roles). In the 1980's, some members of NOW questioned the advancement of the feminist agenda beyond the primary objectives. Today, it seems one must embrace all aspects of the feminist vision, or be denied the status of a "true" feminist in the progressive sense.

This seems to be the present case with Planned Parenthood. As it is a bastion for the reproductive rights for women, it must be held inviolate in all matters, even in such deplorable business decisions (and, after all, this is a matter of business, not women's rights). In the "bandwagon effect," you have to commit to the full cause, suspicious of any effort to disparage the cause.

Now, remember, the "bandwagon effect" is what fuels commercials in their efforts to to make people buy (or buy into) the product, in this case, the cause of women's equality. To support Planned Parenthood in light of the assumed good it does to the point of becoming oblivious to its faults ... you've been taking in by a ploy useful to most advertisers.

There is a time to jump off the bandwagon. To have the government reduce subsidies to Planned Parenthood in response to such revelations, seeing that it has the means to raise its own funds, would only be the work of a fiscally responsible government. Let's never be so idealistically driven that we can not see the wrong in matters.

Considering the stance of this website in support of business, I find it odd that it would take an opposing stance on this venture. After all, trampling on the defenseless is what business is all about.

That's like saying, "Considering the stance of this website in support of doctors healing people, I find it odd that it would take an opposing stance on this venture."

I've already responded to you on this, and I've also asked you not to turn unrelated threads to the subject of capitalism. Please don't do it again under any name.

To begin with, I'm not near as educated, or proficient with thoughts and words as most of you commenting, but I have something to add, please.
I have always been against the atrocities of abortion, and personally see no validation for it. Growing up the only Christian in my family, I've has family members go through abortion, and most of them did so flippantly, and still think of it that way; and there is always their self centered justification for it. But, there was one for whom it was different, and it happened over 45 years ago; my sister. She already had 5 kids, nearly dying with the last two, her husband refused to agree to any form of birth control, her next to youngest, at age 6, was in hospital with two broken legs, having been caught in the PTO drive of a small tractor. Her husband like making babies, but wanted nothing to do to help afterwards. Her doctor, a country GP, believed she would not live through delivery of baby #6, and on Mother's Day, she and my mom flew to CA, the only state to legalize abortions. I was not yet married, but even knowing what I knew about abortion, I knew I would not stand in judgment of her. 37 years later we had an honest discussion about it, and she said that if she had it to do over, she would have taken the risk to have that baby, and each year she mourned its loss. We had no clue about how awful abortion was as has been revealed in these videos. I'm glad she didn't know.
I know that there are pregnancy centers across this country to help those families and women who give birth to their babies; I've worked at one. I've been very vocal about how disgusted these videos make me - disgusted at an administration determined to keep funding those industries involved in the entire process, especially Planned Parenthood. Angry and sick at a society so hardened by their sin that they can't, or refuse to see what is right before them. At family more interested in what their liberal political representatives can do for their unions, resulting in a few more dollars in the pocket, than in what is happening right before them. I see the sin sick souls of my family and weep.
Yet, lately it is my thoughts that are changing in that in my anger, I don't forget the compassion. Yes, I see the hardened disregard for these precious lives willingly subjected to the abortionists knife. But, I also see the women who believed they had absolutely no place to turn. And when I speak out against abortion, when my anger and dismay come out as words on a post or comment, I have got to remember that there are those reading it who have gone through an abortion, and I better make sure I also offer words of forgiveness through the blood of Jesus. Francine Rivers wrote an excellent novel titled, The Atonement Child. Novel, yes. But, too close to reality that it deserves mention, and provides food for thought.
I won't try to cover up this sin With a thin veil of love and grace, because while God offers that for our sin, His Word is also clear about sin and its consequences.
I've felt like I can no longer be silent, and have been more vocal about what is happening in our own country try than ever before. But, in so doing, I want to offer hope, forgiveness in Christ, and in so doing, show love and grace as a complete covering for our sin.
Thank you for allowing me to write.

It is a good reminder, Carolyn Putney, that grace and forgiveness are available for the sinner who repents--regardless of the sin. It's when sin is celebrated as "normal" or no big deal and there is no desire to repent, that it is like a cancer that spreads and multiplies. Certainly your message of hope is water to the thirsty who anguish over the decision they've made and cannot undo; thank you for your words.

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