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September 01, 2015


Thank you, this is great advice. Can you give us an example of a "stone" you've put in a visiting Mormon's shoe?

I also thank you. My first thought after reading was that you did not give any examples of a "stone". That would have been helpful.

Andrew and Chuck, for ideas on what to talk to Mormons about, see the links I posted here under question #2. Here are some of them:

"Mormons Aren't Christians" Is Not an Epithet

LDS View of Atonement Clarified

LDS Test Is Necessary, Not Sufficient

Is God an Exalted Man?

My Goal in Every Conversation with Mormons

Now we know what STR types mean when they speak of their LDS 'friends'. Likewise for other groups.

Check out 'From Christian to Mormon to Christian in One Lifetime ' on Kindle. Some usable information for those who are not well versed in Mormonism.

Right on, Bret -- to put a stone and not be the stone.

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