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October 19, 2015


This subject, like many others would take a few hours to discuss. In short, there are thousands of religious issues that have alternative "authoritative" explanations.

The Muslim non-belief in the Trinity, the doubt of Jesus' divinity, etc. Added to this, are the endless stories from the Bible and elsewhere that may or may not have divine originations, but are just stories to prove a point. Since mankind was always a mythmaker, it makes it practically impossible to "prove" anything to someone believing something else. That's why only prayer to Jesus to reveal himself is the only real answer. Unfortunately, we don't live in a world where a legion of glowing angels appear around us if we try to explain the Christian viewpoint.

I'm sure if we asked a Muslim why they're walking around an apparent meteorite that fell to earth centuries ago in Mecca, the response would not be positive. It brings up the whole issue of what natural event means nothing, and what event is actually of divine origin.

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