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October 29, 2015


I think this model offers parents a way forward.
So? Are you an education expert?


I bet Brett is an expert in what he wants for his kids. I also bet that Brett makes an accurate assumption that there are other parents that want similar things for their kids.

Moreover, Susan Wise Bauer appears to be an expert from what I gather.

The tone of your response is totally in line with those that want parents to just turn their kids over to the “experts”.

“We’ll take care of all their needs” they say.

It’s not turning out well for many, is it?

Over the course of history, regarding many things, experts have made some pretty big messes.

I'm unable to comment in the live video, so I'll leave one hear. The audio was so sketchy and choppy it was literally incoherent. Really hoping this will be put up on Youtube in full after the live session!

Should we allow our highschool daughter to date a Mormon?

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