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October 28, 2015


Abortion is certainly more than simply "discrimination", which can be either good or bad, depending on the context. Would "discrimination" be the appropriate way to describe the gassing of the victims of Nazi Germany. It's murder of the most helpless, vulnerable, and innocent, either way.
I think we must be very careful about how we use language, as changing the meaning of words is always the first act of the enemy. Changing the meaning of words and our use of language is always the first step in changing the way people think.

Just as an aside, "discrimination", used in this sense, already implies "unjust".

Many abortion pushers have (a) hidden agenda(s). It might be money. It might be eugenics. It might be something else. They aren't going to argue that, because they know that it won't fly with the public in general. So they argue a double combination of women's rights (ethical appeal) and social/family planning (appeal to science, convoluted as it is) knowing that many women will abort their babies for the sake of convenience.

Many abortion proponents don't understand the true impetus behind the abortion pushers, although they may secretly desire the convenience of it, and they will regurgitate the arguments for women's rights and social/family planning that they have been taught.

Pro-lifers are fairly unified on the fact that a pre-born baby is fully human. Pressing this issue will sway many proponents, who simply haven't thought about it. However, it won't sway the pushers.

Of the proponents that won't be swayed, many are simply emotionally involved in the women's rights issue at large and won't mitigate that for anything. Of the pushers that might be swayed, it's generally only the work of the Holy Spirit that changes their minds.

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