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December 03, 2015


Suffering's End:

Reason as truth-finder discovers only one rational and metaphysically coherent path to the end of suffering. The only rational end to suffering just is the only rational end to Good-Minus-Some-Thing – to the affairs of Privation, and the only rational means to that peculiar consummation, or end, or felicity, must, given the necessity of Goodness Itself in every bit of this whole show, confront and contain the explicit interface of the Necessary and the Contingent. How peculiar that (metaphysically speaking) given the inescapable force of reason, suffering’s end sums to that which must confront and contain the explicit interface of “Goodness Itself and Mankind”, of “Necessity and Contingency”, of “God and Man”.

The God Who loves us in fact redeems us from our horrific ruin and there is only one genre on planet Earth wherein such is the case amid what coherently sums to love’s express interfaces of “Goodness Himself and Man”. That is to say, there is only one genre on planet Earth which successfully– cogently– to the bitter ends of metaphysics –lucidly unfolds the Necessary in all such ontological accounting amid what can only end as love’s singularity vis-à-vis “God in Man, Man in God”. If in fact reason is correct in affirming the claim that actual and ultimately non-fictitious evil is there in the sufferings of Man then we have only one coherent, rational option both for reason and for hope where mutable and contingent beings such as ourselves are concerned. Indeed, in all of Man's possible worlds it is the case that logic’s demand for lucidity finds that both reason and hope force our hand – and carry us into the necessity of nothing less than this: The Immutable, the Underived, pouring Himself into us, filling us, lifting us, and therein annihilating our privation such that, by those volitional moves within said Amalgamation, by those volitional moves within said Wedding, it will (then – up ahead) be the case that wherever our eyes shall look, whether beneath our feet, or over our heads, or into our chests, or wherever, we shall spy – not these pains of insufficiency – but instead His All Sufficiency – and that in all directions. Such pouring, such filling, flowing ceaselessly within love’s milieu there in the Triune God must transpose, descend, be debased, instantiate, break through, that we may ascend, be filled, be made fully alive, and be, thereby, redeemed.

The trio of Reason, Soul, and Logic all demand the Christian paradigm and no other *for* said trio demands that “Good-Minus-Some-Thing” find full and final (metaphysical) annihilation and thereby forces our hand such that we find that we must say that Goodness Itself factually, metaphysically must in the end fill all in all such that all those painful affairs of “Privation” are thereby (metaphysically) annihilated. Even more coherence seals all seams for (as predicted) love’s timeless contours of Pouring/Filling amid the Necessary/Contingent are – given that God is love and given that God Decrees – Wills – Man to actualize the Imago Dei – simply necessary in all of the Adamic’s possible worlds pending those volitional moves within said Wedding. Neither guilt nor innocence amid Eden’s possible worlds changes love’s ontological landscape – and that is necessarily the case given that that landscape is God, is the Uncreated, while guilt/innocence is found within the mutable and contingent, within the Created. That is in part what it “means” when we say that the God Who is love is “The God Who is glorified by sacrificing Himself for creation and not by sacrificing creation for Himself." (Fischer) Such comprises what ‘GM’ rightly distinguishes as God’s unique, inimitable, and even outrageous claim of “Behold, I make all things new.”

The Bible speaks of two Israels. The Israel of God and Israel after the flesh. Most of the confusion I've seen about the Jews comes from people not making this distinction.
So when we see God bringing wrath down upon Israel after the flesh, thinking they are his chosen people, questions naturally arise.

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