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December 31, 2015


Hi Tim,

I like this tee-shirt much better than the one with the fake tie, I'd give the fake tie tee to Goodwill and get a possible tax deduction, if you itemize.

The only response I have is that somewhere in the middle or late part of your response you say there is no evidence of editing to Scripture. That statement is patently false. All you need to do is open your Bible, at least my NIV Bible, as it contains footnotes when "scripture" has been added. Noteworthy is that this version of the Bible is translated by evangelicals. The most famous one is of course John 8: 1-11 but there are others. You must be aware of this. Perhaps you meant to say there are no know additions to verses that contain remarks about Jesus' divinity?

Also, as one compares the gospels the differences increase as you go back in time so if that trend continues and the original four gospels were ever discovered it suggests that the four gospels would have many more differences and it is likely many more additions would be discovered.

Sorry to hassle you. Happy New Year my friend.

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