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February 08, 2016


Did I understand you right in that you said you got married first by a pastor and then "later" applied for and got the legal state document for marriage? If so how does that work? Who is the witness that is accepted by the state that says the two of you are married?

This video was rather disturbing to me, as it seemed to open a pandora's box of questions. For instance, if two Christians can get married in a church without being legally married by government standards, how is this different than just living together in a "committed relationship"? How would those non-Christians see this witness? There are times when being legally married creates financial liabilities rather than protections, esp. in second marriages when there are children from former marriages. And, if one spouse sins by adultery, and technically in the new testament that's grounds for a divorce, how does the offended spouse obtain a divorce? There's no avenue in the church for this process. Do they just separate, the way a non-christian living together couple would?

Nebuchadnezzar said God sets up governments, and tears them down. Are we still married after the revolution? After the great fire in the hall of records? After Shariah law is instituted in our region? Does a pagan rite institute a "marriage?" Are we "married" after uniting after years stranded alone together (and falling in love, of course) on a deserted island?

Can righteousness be found in a fallen world? How can we approach God's procreative institutions, that He calls "holy," with less than fear and trembling?
State institutions are there to protect children and society from our most egregious and sinful behaviors. The state is, nevertheless, unable to determine how genuine our declarations and promises, or our commitment to them. We should submit to the authorities insofar as we are able, while employing good "Berean" duty in assessing whether we should continue in submission to a government, in these matters, if, or when, it itself seeks to overthrow the express will of the true God. ( Perhaps by assigning a newly manufactured definition of marriage..,?) When does "Berean" kick in?

As for me: "Woe is me, for I am a man with unclean lips." And divorced.


So I have a friend who claims he doesn't need a pastor or minister to be married in the eyes of God. He states God "knows"that he and his girlfriend are married, because they love each other and have been around for so long. He pleads that I show him where in the bible it says marriage is through a minister. what would you say to that friend?

If your question was to me.., I would make the same points, while perhaps adding another; A Biblical marriage ceremony was a public affair. A public declaration. This may be an argument from coincidence, but I would probably apprise a friend of it anyway. Do they declare their marriage publicly? Do they reject the current American government? That would seem to infer some kind of public declaration as well, at least on occasion. I cannot judge this. But God does. The story of Abraham, Sarai, and the Pharaoh might be considered. Gen 12:10-20

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