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April 13, 2016


My sister is Mormon. In discussing our differences, every verse I used from the Bible, she countered with some from the Book of Mormon. I have attended their church service, Sunday School and Ladies Relief Society meeting. The emphasis is on "works". She loves Jesus; but her "Jesus is the son of Elohim, who was once man. Lucifer is Jesus brother." All the "testimonies" I've heard end with "I believe that Joseph Smith is true". As moral and dear and loving as she is, she is mightily deceived. I pray that she and her family come to know the true Jesus,Who is the Word made flesh. From what I've seen and heard, the LDS church is not likely to embrace Biblical orthodoxy.

How does Dr. Mouw know these things? Because he engages in regular dialogue with Professors from BYU's Religious Studies dept. and some GA's. How do we know that Dr. Millet is capable of changing LDS theology? Because he already has. A buddy of mine who is a Religion prof. at BYU told me that Bob Millet has had more influence on LDS theology in the last 30 years than anyone else, including GA's. Can I substantiate that claim? No I can't. But that is what I heard from a prof at BYU. It would be a fascinating thing to study. When Mouw says that LDS are approaching orthodoxy, I believe he's talking about a process that is taking place. I don't think he believes that the LDS will embrace a fully orthodox doctrinal understanding any time soon. But, he sees movement,and if things continue moving in that direction, in 2-3 generations we might see some substantive changes to their theology. Of course that can all change. The LDS prophet is capable of making a move like Tkach did in the WWCoG a decade ago. Or the GA's could steer the ship sharply away from these changes. But for now, things are moving, they are moving slowly. But they are moving and I think Mouw is right to be optimistic.

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