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April 25, 2016


If an alien landed on earth, would they think a chihuahua was the same "kind" as a grey wolf? I highly doubt it.

If one "kind" can't evolve into another "kind", why do whales have a vestigial pelvis and hind legs hidden deep in their bodies? Why do snakes have vestigial limbs in their bodies? Why are a few unfortunate children born with vestigial tails? Did God design all these things for a reason? Is it because of sin?

Why do all life forms use the "left-handed" versions of amino acids as building blocks when the "right-handed" versions would do the job just as well? The only reasonable explanation is that LUCA (the last universal common ancestor) used the left-handed versions and, thus, all its descendants did as well.

Why do humans have 23 pair of chromosomes while apes have 24? Why do one pair of human chromosomes appear to be "fused" versions of two pair that appear in chimpanzees? Did God do this just to fool everyone? Is he playing a trick on all of us?

You didn't mention the DNA evidence for neo-Darwinian evolution? Why didn't you talk about Evo Devo, arguably the hottest area of evolutionary research, at all?

Why are there no mammalian fossils that can be found in Cambrian geological layers? Why do dinosaur fossils disappear in layers less than 60 million years old?

Let's just say that everyone is happy that you are no longer teaching biology.

Cool stuff Tim -- goes well with your prior collection of posts over the last several months.

It always amazes me that our Non-Theists friends assume that covalent bonds, ionic bonds, and carbon, and so on, are the building blocks of the Soul, of the Adamic.

That you "dare" to merely question this or that slice of data in this or that path from, say, [A] over to, say, [M], while leaving the rest of the alphabet out of said daring questioning, seems highly unscientific to them given their passion about the Adamic/Soul and what they think you are actually trying to state.

Not asking questions just isn't going to get us anywhere, Theist or Non-Theist.


~~~ Grateful for your work :-)

BTW "Seven Days That Divide the World: The Beginning According to Genesis and Science" (by John Lennox) is an interesting read with overlap here.

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