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May 11, 2016


It looks like Brian Godawa got a shout out during the show.

I loved the interview with Brian. "Hollywood Worldviews" has been on my To Read list, but it seems he talks in depth about many movies I haven't seen, and I don't want to be spoiled! I was so excited to learn he has a new book.

His comments about having a passion for both the intellectual and creative angles on apologetics really resonated with me. I am exactly the same way, and in equal measure. It's always a back-and-forth tension with me. I don't say that in a negative way. I just love the way both sides play off each other. That is the wonder of our endless intellectual as well as creative richness of our God and His Word!

I figured I was a freak of nature, since most people seem to be either left or right brain dominant. (Or, at least, that's what all those personality tests always seem to show.) It was good to learn I am not alone.

Oh, man, I'd give anything to go to that Canvas Conference! Makes my heart race just thinking about it. Alas, I am still jobless and broke. I did have an interview yesterday, and a different (phone) interview today. If anyone's up for praying, that would be great. My life is on "pause" until I find a real job. And I am running out of time here. Life has been passing me by for years now.

May I also suggest for future events or just to investigate further, Dr. Brian Mattson? He's doing great work in that theology/artistry realm. He and his team have a fantastic podcast called Dead Reckoning. They touch on theology, art/pop culture and politics/social issues. I highly recommend it!


Mo, I've said a prayer for you. I hope things work out with one of those interviews! And yes, I do know about Brian Mattson. Thanks for the suggestion!

@ Amy

Thanks, I appreciate it.

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