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May 13, 2016


As Christians pull their kids out of school, doesn't that leave more of a moral vacuum? Isn't the problem, speaking strictly without considering the spiritual warfare, the fact that Christians have pulled out of academic institutions, the media and art and allowed these influencers of thought and culture to have a field day?


A six to 12 year old boy or girl is hardly a moral stalwart against his peers and teachers.

It's very naive to think that a young child has the mental capacity and moral maturity to combat things like "diversity training" or peer pressure. Supposing that you kid can take being ostracized by his peers for standing up for something he believes in, it will make his academics much more stressful and difficult than they need to be.

Your points about pulling out of the academic institutions has some merit at the college level, but makes no sense when we are talking about younger kids who require much more formation and maturity to understand the culture war that is being thrust upon them.

And how much have Christians actually pulled out of the academy vs. how much have they been thrown out and chocked out of the academy? I would suggest it's an incomplete narrative to only paint it as though Christians just withdrew. They've also been bullied out.

I recall being in a course on the discourses of Plato at a secular university. I took Plantinga's advice to simply do my philosophy work as a Christian... it was extremely difficult as I had to argue almost non-stop with not only the other students but the professor as well, as they were very hostile to me approaching the subjects from such a "biased" point of view. The professor told me I had to stop arguing so much, even though the entire time I was *responding* to the attacks that were being thrown at me. I pointed out to the professor that I hadn't started a single debate. He said this was true, but that still I was engaging them too much and this was creating a divisive atmosphere and, therefore, I was the one who needed to stop.

I decided that maybe others, who said that Christians should just go along with the flow to get the degree, probably had better advice. This is stifling atmosphere is true in many academic disciplines. Psychology, for instance:

No, because your premise assumes that the world should be logical. They are lost in sin.

Just a thought, even those who have already considered what the tipping point is for them and their children, may not be able to afford a private Christian school or be able to stay home from work to home school their children. The fact that public school is the only option for my family does not mean that I simple go with the flow of society or that I'm naive to what they are facing. There are Christian families who live in poverty and single parent Christian homes. We all want the best for or children and don't want them exposed to things that they will be exposed to in public schools. So, do I want to be able to pull my kids out of public school if things hit my tipping point, yes. But the fact is that is not an option for my family and I know I'm not alone in that. I think it's important to take people like me into consideration when you are pleading with parents to consider their child's future and the consequences of floating along with what is culturally accepted.

I understand the article. I also understand it is written from a certain perspective. Not that I am in total disagreement, but an article could be written from another perspective - when will Christians stand up and fight for our Public Schools. Should we have an idea of attack instead of retreat?


Often times there are financial aid services, including private ones like Step Up For Students, that will pay for your child's private and/or homeschool education.


Parents can fight for our public schools while not sending their child to public school. And merely sending your child to public schools is not, in itself, fighting for public schools.

Recently in my county a school decided to capitulate to the transgendered bathroom policy because ONE student who claimed to be transgendered. The transgendered student was originally denied by the school, but after threatening to get outside people involved the school caved. As a result people from miles away got involved in the school meeting and objected. Then trans activists from miles away got involved too... It eventually went to the county school board. This is just an example of how you don't have to have your kid in the public school in order to be involved in the conversations surrounding a public school.

I am an administrator (assistant principal) in a public middle school. I am supposed to be the "believer" in the public education system. I have been in many a lunch conversation where homeschooling is bashed for all of the most ridiculous simplistic arguments like, "Home schooled kids have no social skills." I am quick to challenge arguments like these with the, "Do you think the socialization that happens in these hallways is a good thing?" My nephews and niece are all brilliant success stories of home schooling. The bottom line is that the public education system is broken and the government will never be able to fix that. I work in a phenomenal middle school, top ranked, and we are still so broken in the day to day operations. We still lose too many kids. It is dangerous to assume that a child's schooling experience has little power in directing their future. Next to parents, a child will spend more time with teachers and peers than anyone else. That is a big deal. I am so frustrated with a system that reduces children to a number on a test. I can't live that way. Is there a tipping point? I believe there is. Just this morning I was reflecting on the recent transgender directive, I recognize that the day may come when the conflict is so great, I will have to move on. I believe that will be very soon for many Christian educators...not because we don't love kids but because of a system whose agenda is so far out of sync with the vision God gave us that we will have no choice. So while I won't quit tomorrow, I will if I am forced to condone values that will lead the young people I care so much about astray. The Bible is clear on our obligations to the little ones.

@ Public School Administrator

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experience.

Cherie, I believe that Brett honestly attempts to understand the plight of those families lacking resources to pay for alternatives to public school when he writes, "I know this opens up a huge conversation, and there are significant practical consequences for individuals and families to face (e.g. leaving a job as a public school teacher or moving from a two-family income household to one in order to homeschool)."

However, it cannot be a conversation that never occurs either. There is a point at which families must decide what to do and when to bail. We all have done this with friends that have repeatedly slighted us, or jobs that no longer work for us. I think the same can be said of public schools. If families cannot remove their children at this time due to economics, get involved with government at the most local level where you live. Volunteer to help with local elections. Considering running for a position in local politics. Work with others and write your representatives and find those candidates that are for school choice and for giving parents tax incentives back and letting them choose their own school. According to the NCES, the average cost to educate a single public school student in the United States was $12,401 annually in 2013-14. I have seen higher estimates. I am sure it is higher in 2015-16. That is nearly $20,000 more a year than I pay for three now at a Christian School. Yet my taxes did not drop. They should have. Can we have that money back? It like making a monthly car payment for a car you don't have. We also homeschooled for awhile. It is quite tough at times. The point is that we must do something. We must pray and educate ourselves regarding what it happening in the world around us.

For those thinking they have no voice in public schooling since they have no kids in the school system. Get involved in government, run for a local office and at the least it is your right to get involved. A portion of our paychecks go to support this bankrupt education system. Stand up and fight. Those that are trying to undermine Christian values are so much more passionate about what they want to see accomplished. We as Christians should prayerfully consider what more we can do. I firmly believe that the public school system is used to change the minds of generations ever so slightly. The proverbial "frog in water" analogy.

The words of Adolf Hitler, May Day 1933 are a reminder of how change can slowly occur in a national system. He said, "When and opponent declares, 'I will not come over to your side,' I calmly say, 'Your child belongs to us already...What are you? You will pass on. You descendants however, now stand in the new camp. In a short time they will know nothing else but this new community."

There is an alternative for folks that have kids old enough to stay home on their own(& younger if you can stay home with them) I'm sure there are more than one available, but the only one I know by name is CAVA. It's in California and follows and is fully accredited by the state of California as a home school. It will probably take the average kid less than 3 hours a day to get thru their work, but you don't have to come up with a curricula and there is an online one on one teacher for each student to boot. In California it's "free", the state pays for it, and there are field trips etc. Any outside class like dance, or soccer, etc counts for PE requirements.

I have looked into Christian School numerous times and have even applied for financial aid but it was not anywhere near enough... I have 5 kids with 4 school age and no matter how desperately I want to send my kids to Christian school the fact remains that is way beyond my means to afford it even with financial aid and a sponsor the cost remains to high!! A Christian education should be affordable for all families not just the wealthy!!

AC If what you really desire is to put your kids in a private Christian School you may want to consider using the meager resources available to hire a private homeschool teacher for a few hours a day. Especially if you join with another family in your church who is already homeschooling and doing it well, they could likely use the extra income also. Win win. Or if it is that serous to you, you can start looking at living in a place where it is fully covered and the local private school are less expensive. Surprise Az is where my grandchildren live and all 4 go to a private School on the single support of my son in law who is a meagerly but fairly paid church staff. They make due and do it well. It is possible that the private school in your area is more expensive than other areas. So you can see if the Lord opens the door for a good job if you start putting in applications in other areas and then move.
I say all this to say, you do not have to be powerless, you can think outside of the box and find solutions that maybe the Lord will open for you.

Tipping point? It is long past a tipping point for any Christian because of the IslamoMarxism being indoctrinated. It is long past for any Christian to educate themselves about exactly who Mohmd was and his long history of genocide, rape, apartheid and slavery. This is totally being ignored with the lies that these people have told for the last 1400 years. And those lies are in our children's textbooks, assignments and tests because it is the IslamoMarxists who write and publish them, ie Pearson.
There is no choice but to keep a child safe from such indoctrination that is spread across the curriculum. Many assignments done in class never make it home, we have no idea what they are taught because children forget, yet it has seeped in and they don't have truth to combat it (ie that Mohmd was a clinical psychopath). At present the best choice is to withdraw our children. They will be happier with homeschool because there are no conflicts in values.
We are told not to cast our pearls before swine, and that is our children.


You might also look to see if your area offers free public home schooling, like what flicka47 mentioned. My state (Florida) also offers this free public home schooling.

Naturally a public home schooling course will have its curriculum determined by the state and, thus, you're likely to get some of the same biases in the course content that you get in public school classrooms. However there are some advantages to the public home schooling over the regular public schooling. For one thing, you can keep a much closer eye on what is being taught in the curriculum. You can correct any biases or misinformation immediately with your child. You will know exactly what needs to be supplemented.

I pulled my teenage daughter out and homeschool her when I started seeing this nonsense pushed hard in her school.

I have heard people give the excuse "I don't have the money," "I am single and can't do it," etc. I'm here to tell you that you CAN do it.

I'm a single mom. I work part time hours so that I can homeschool. I have simplified my life down to just the basics. I pay $30 a month for a great website that covers all the academic high school courses and I supplement with free internet resources, the library and a great website where you can get educational cds for shipping costs only.

Don't tell me it can't be done because I do it everyday. It boils down to what is most important to you. Is it more important to have "things" to "appear" like the rest of the neighbors or is it more important to protect your children by taking their educational, emotional and mental well being into your own hands where your children are the safest.

That may sound harsh but its the truth. If you let the liberal corrupt government educate your child then don't be surprised when they come home spouting and supporting ideas and beliefs that are not yours or even theirs before they went.

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