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June 29, 2016


What's interesting is that many of the same people who give sexual preferences a wide berth by acknowledging the right of someone to self-identify over and against an objective standard would deny the Orlando shooter the same right to self-identify. However, the reason they would deny him that same right is because they are willing to narrowly define Islam in such a way as to ignore the violent aspects of what the Koran teaches, the history of Islam, and the practices of many of its practitioners. I wouldn't call their definition of Islam objective, but rather arbitrary. I don't know where the impetus comes from to afford Islam this benefit of the doubt when the same isn't afforded to Christianity by these same people, when the orthodox, biblical teachings of Christianity themselves condemn the more violent aspects of church history. There's clearly a severe bias in favor of Islam enough to ignore clear truth in the matter.

great article!

Thanks for explaining this Alan, it helped me understand why the Book calls for one thing and the followers of the Book slack off a bit. I just pray they don't have a revival.

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