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June 06, 2016


Interesting title.

Is "Return to Editing" part of Greg's argument ;-)

I'm not sure why we should distinguish Heaven from Abraham's Bosom and Hell from Dives place of torment or Sheol.

OUR time is part of THIS world. We are probably essentially temporal, so when this world passes away, and we are in the next world, there will probably also be time in that world. But I see no reason at all to think that it will be the SAME time. Indeed, the opposite seems to be true. When this world passes away, so will its time. The new heaven and earth will have its own new time.

As such, this idea that souls must somehow wait around for the end of this world before their final disposition is, I think, unwarranted. Why, when we die, shouldn't we all go to the same moment of new time in the next world?

OK "Return to Editing" is gone from the title. Yaaay.

This is a good question. As far as I know, dead angels (demons) roam the earth seeking humans to inhabit because they are extremely uncomfortable in their disembodied state. I'm not sure if the wicked dead are among them but think they are in a state of similar torment. Jesus told the believing thief he would be in Paradise that day (where Jesus is now - Heaven).

I think that the New Heavens and Earth are the permanent home of Jesus and his people and they embody what the promises to Abraham only symbolized.


Good point on the dying thief. He joins Jesus in Paradise, and that is undoubtedly heaven.

And the other thief ... did not. If not in heaven, does it matter where?

We've (and this includes Greg) no name for it at this time.

It's just not heaven.

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