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June 25, 2016


Refreshing to hear Biblical clarity on this issue. Thank you for highly recommending it. (HT to Tim's Weekend A La Carte)

Thanks for stopping by, Glenn!

Thank you for posting this summary! I've been wanting to watch the video, but I am hard of hearing and am unable to without subtitles or a transcript. I was really glad to find something (thanks, Challies!) in print!

I am also in Lucy's corner, needing new postings in transcript or just plain print, but my reason is that I use an older computer which still works very well most ways, but has lost the basic Windows sound scheme. I still have only modem sound effects when dialing in. PLEASE keep using your keyboards and type pads, Amy and the others! Try to offer just about every new item readable to the human eye, friends.

Paul, most of our Monday morning videos that feature our speakers are transcribed on our website.

1st lie our culture teaches: sex is the most important thing.
2nd lie that follows: sex doesn't mean anything.

This is the way our culture teaches us and is completely contradictory. Great video.

Stumbled upon a link to your article on! Was hoping to say hi when we were in LA a few weeks ago and worshipped at Sonrise. Did you see the National Review article by Mary Eberdstadt, The First Church of Secularism and It's Sexual Sacraments? Sorry, could not figure out how to make a link. Worth reading. . .

Yes, thank you David! I'm sorry I missed you!

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