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June 16, 2016


Dear STR, my wife and I just watched the above video which was very helpful. Especially helpful was the REAL acronym Tim explained. After the video however in the same box a video popped up with a girl in a bikini. I immediately backed out of the STR screen. I do not browse immodest videos so there is no history or browsing habits that would have curated this video to pop up in the que after the STR video finished playing. Any ideas why this might have happened? I am hesitant now to watch any other STR videos, which again are very edifying and encouraging, for obvious reasons. Please help. Thank you.

David, it probably has something to do with some crazy algorithm from YouTube, not specifically with STR's videos.

I'm so sorry, David. I don't know how YouTube chooses the videos. I'm sure it changes all the time (I just checked now, and nothing like that popped up for me).

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