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June 15, 2016


I've memorized 3 books in the NT and 9 chapters of Romans. While I can't recite them now, I retain a mental map of the books and their contents and the verses are very familiar to me. I can within 2 weeks re-memorize and recite them. Here is my technique:

1. Buy an audio version of the translation you want to memorize.
2. Create 3x5 index cards and print out the entire book onto them, 3 - 5 verses per card.
3. Create audio snippets of the same verses and create an mp3 library out of it (or audio CD).
4. Memorize the cards. Listen to the audio on repeat on your commute or other time.

I think instead of buying an audio book, I might just read the book myself and record it to an MP3. Or course the danger is the sound of my own voice getting under my skin.

When I was in the navy, going through the nuclear power program, we had to memorize a WHOLE lot of stuff in a short amount of time. They used to tell us that we should absorb information through as many of our senses and faculties as we can. So we did it this way:

1. See it written.
2. Hear somebody else say it.
3. Write it down.
4. Speak it out loud.

As far as writing it down, we each had dry erase boards where we'd copy our notes over and over, and we'd read them out loud.

You'd be amazed at how much information you can put in your head in a short amount of time. I used these study techniques when I was in college, and they worked very well.

What works for me is to read the particular book every day for a month. Then start to memorize. The familiarity with having read it 30 times makes the memorizeation easier. Just throwing it out there. I know everyone has a pet technique.

Excellent advice!

I highly recommend this site and app for memorizing. I've used it for the last year and it helped memorize Romans 8, Jude, Psalm 51 and hundreds of shorter passages.

Sorry, forgot the link --

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