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June 03, 2016


Good thing the United States is welcoming of foreigners. You are free to follow your religion here, and to talk about it in public, and celebrate your religious festivals openly.

All we ask is that you allow people of other religions the same freedoms. In particular, please stop trying to overthrow the government and establish theocracy.


please stop trying to overthrow the government and establish theocracy.

I must have missed the news about the coup that STR tried. When was this? How many were killed? Did Brett make it out alive? That must explain what happened to J. Warner Wallace... I was wondering why I hadn't seen the newest member of the team around here for a while. Clearly he was captured and reconditioned by the government to break away from the organization. Wallace + Koukl was too great a threat to the establishment.

On a more serious note, STR working through the same democratic processes that you secular leftists work through to try and effect change is not "trying to overthrow the government." Unless you're an absolute kook who thinks anyone that doesn't agree with your view of what policies should be instituted constitutes a threat that is trying to "overthrow the government."

In fact, STR advocates a more legitimate process of change than most secular leftists do. STR hasn't backed executive over-reach, which is what leftists have been supportive of when it comes to Obama's bathroom mandate. STR hasn't backed the judicial branch of government violating it's duties and legislating from the bench, which is what leftists have been supportive of when it comes to redefining what the constitution means.

If anyone could be accused of trying to overthrow our government, it's the secular leftists who have enforced their opinions by abusing our system of government with its checks and balances.

What about a theocracy? STR has advocated arguing for it's views on things like marriage on secular grounds. So how is that a theocracy?

(By the way, do you also think there is a conspiracy by Muslims to institute Sharia? If not, why not?)

The most important thing for the ballte is Praying to all Migthy God
Pray before you go outhere.

Well, I start here:

All lines, ethical, ontic, or whatever, begin and end in love.

In God.

And God is love.

We all know love. It's personal interfaces. There are three. We know them well.




Love's nature is one of the "why's" behind my Christianity.

But you see I mean that. It's going to be leaking out of whatever I may say. Love's three lines, God, define, for me, the whole show. That's the A. That's the Z.

If you are a little uncomfortable with that, then you may not be comfortable with me.

So, if you'd still like to continue, well I'd love to continue with you. And if you'd rather not, well then I'll be the one missing out.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!I have many liberal, non believing friends from my High School days. We've had many discussions about the issues you mention and about a year or two ago I realized (as you put it) that we were talking past each other and I posted that "we are speaking different languages." This is the 1st tine I've heard/read anyone else articulate it!
Did I say.....THANK YOU!!!

>> we are speaking different languages ...

I know that one language developed from the Bible, the various voices of America's past from Edwards to Graham.

Whence came this "other language"? To know the roots of the alternate view could be enlightening.

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