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July 04, 2016


This is interesting. I'm not sure what I think about this issue, but I liked what you said.

However, I think I have an objection. There are many different streams of secular psychology with different schools of thought. Some streams accept various ideas as foundations for their understanding of the human psyche. Even if some of these schools of thought produce interesting principles and methods, often times they produce counter-biblical advice.

For example, many schools of thought lay the foundation that human beings are generally good. Therefore, if you can talk about issues enough and learn to accept yourself for who you are, you will ultimately be a happier person. I think scripture would teach a different message more along the lines of receiving genuine forgiveness for your actions in the past, which are giving you trouble now, and once you obtain forgiveness you can live guilt free.

Another example has to do with depression. Almost all psychologists view depression as a disease that somebody catches and then becomes the victim of. While this has some truth to it, their solution is to prescribe happiness pills and advice deep introspection to figure out why you are depressed and learn to accept or change what is making you depressed.

If someone read their Bible, however, they could discover that the key to freedom from depression is not found in a band-aid happiness pill, nor is it found by sitting on the couch and thinking about your problems. If you think about yourself, it adds fuel to the fire. Instead, if you pursue the surpassing value and worth of Jesus and recognize his goodness and beauty, suddenly you are drawn out of yourself and when your eyes are fixed on Jesus and he gives you forgiveness, reconciliation, purpose in life, joy, love, etc., suddenly the persistent feeling of despair seems to fade.

In conclusion, while psychology is not inherently wrong or faulty, it is neigh impossible to find a secular school of psychology which adheres to how the state of human beings really works and interacts with other human beings. General revelation through introspection and science can tell us much about the human psyche, but special revelation contains the key to most, if not all, of the truths necessary in order to heal and advance goodness, truth and beauty in the lives of those who need it.

Thank you for reading.

@ Mark Stanley;

Thanks for the post.

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