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July 05, 2016


The world, including everyone in it, is a giant Rorschach's Test (ink blot test). And it reveals a lot about us in how we see ourselves and others. Many times we identify our faults by pointing them out in others. We might not see their faults if we had not experienced them first hand in ourselves.

I believe we can discern the human spirit by how it aligns with scripture, and speak of good and evil according to what God says.

I judge this post as very good.

I looked in my strong's concordance to see if the word rendered "judge" might have been better translated "condemn". Strong's number is 2919, krino. I find judge in the dictionary in the back, but also, "condemn, damn, give sentence to". It makes sense that we should not judge in the sense of issuing any kind of final decree concerning someone's final judgment, since God judges the heart, while we judge by the outward appearance (1 Sam 16:7).

This understanding of the word does not contradict with the command to make judgments necessary in stewardship positions, for in such positions, only a knowledge of the outward man is necessary.

Actually, Jesus told us explicitly to judge:

Do not judge by appearances, but judge with right judgment.

John 7:24

His concern was that we not be hypocritical in our judgment and know how to judge righteously.

Very useful, as usual. Thank you.

An article that many should read to shed light on the context of Scriptures we should already know! Thanks for writing this!

Great post Tim, very insightful!

As others have stated, great post. Our Pastor recently explained this topic too.
Thank you.

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