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August 26, 2016


I don't think the A-theory or the B-theory is adequate to explain the reality of God's relationship to his creation. That is to say, the A-theory on its own is the idea that God created the universe to begin with and let it go to exist on its own without God sustaining it. This goes against Scripture.

On the other hand, the B-theory on its own as you explain it. Each slice of time is virtually unrelated to every other slice of time.

If you want to follow the physics, then time is a physical condition. That is, time, matter, energy, and light are all wrapped up inextricably together. What we experience in our macroscopic locality is a homogeneous blend of temporal frames of reference from the quantum level all the way up to the interstellar. Electromagnetic radiation (light) itself is a function of the relationship between differing temporal frames of reference.

So - time is a created thing. God created time to make causal sense in a physical universe. As such, he also sustains the existence of all things every moment of their existence. Neither the A nor the B theories of time take this into consideration. They are inadequate categories.

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