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August 20, 2016


Amy, how long ago was this discussion. I remember Peter Atkins, and had to do a double take for WLC (quite young and distinguished!).

And the moderator? I couldn't determine from the glimpse, but ...

what a blast from the past!

Hi Amy,
Great post--it was good to see the debate between WLC & Atkins getting more traction-it is a classic. I had posted a similar article on my site last year-"Can Science Account for Everything?-some say yes, but the answer is...," which also highlighted this clip. ( I also posted the entire transcript of the clip for those who are interested. I made WLC's comments part of my memory work as they are great to have on hand when conversing with devotees of atheism, scientism, etc. Blessings, Lane

DGFischer, it looks like it was in 1998. You can see the transcript and more info here.

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