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August 31, 2016


The response I always get when I bring up the attributes of personhood and show that the Holy Spirit has them is that these are all personifications. Then they go on with their arguments for why they think the Holy Spirit is NOT a person.

"....Here, Jesus speaks of the Holy Spirit as a Counselor who is going to come and help to teach the disciples. It is very interesting that John actually violates Greek grammar in order to emphasis the personhood of the Holy Spirit. How does he do that? The word “spirit” in Greek is neuter – to pneuma. That doesn’t mean that the Holy Spirit is neutral, that he is not a person, any more than in German if you said das mädchen, “the girl”, means that girls are neuter. It is just that in Greek it has a neuter pronoun for the word “spirit.” But John uses the masculine pronoun for referring back to the Holy Spirit. Instead of saying “when the Spirit comes, it will guide you in all truth” he says “He will guide you.” He uses the masculine pronoun even though it has a neuter antecedent – which is actually violating grammar – in order to emphasis that we are talking here about a person who is going to be in us and with us and guiding us...."

I'm interested in yout explanation of Numbers 11:17,25 where it says that Jehovah will take 'of the spirit' or 'some of the spirit' from Moses ant put it upon the 70 elders.
Do you see it as an example where the 70 pieces of the Holy Spirit will become 70 individuals that are actually one individual - something like the trinity but this time not of 3 pieces but 70!?Of course, in that case you'll have to use the Bible tobackup such a presedant...
Or maybe you just choose to ignore it? - which you have all the right to do so

Well..... Per the quote the Comforter is in / amid all of the members of Christ's Body. "He/God" comforts, leads, etc. But no one states that such is, say if a billion folks, a billion Gods. The definition of distinctions void of division (Triune) is meaning, and all meaning flows from God *downward*, from the Necessary into Contingency. Hence our number *can't* define His number.

Hey TIm,

You say this, "There are three primary characteristics of personhood: will, mind, and emotions". I don't disagree with you, but this is typically the approach of some form of Social Trinitarianism.

The typical approach is that in the Godhead the will belongs to the divine nature, not the three persons. So each person does not have their own will. What are your thoughts on this?

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